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One of my greatest joys as an author is connecting with readers through author visits at schools and community events.

As an author, teacher, and parent, I am able to connect with kids and adults in a special way as I share about my author journey. 

Through games, stories, and activities, I introduce my stories and share my journey of becoming an author. Students are inspired to pursue their dreams.

Groups can range in ages from preschool to middle school, and may include Q&A, readings or games, depending on time and your requests. 


Minda was wonderful! She came to my ECFE classroom and read bits of her book and then did a fun movement activity with the kids. The parents and students enjoyed the book and the kids loved the activity!  - Olivia Timmons, Coordinator, Columbia Heights ECFE

Minda's presentation was both informative and engaging. By sharing her story, everyone was inspired to become authors and illustrators just like her! The audience enjoyed learning about language and animal facts in a fun and interactive way. I would highly recommend Minda's presentation. - Liza Shafto, Anoka County Librarian

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation—it was full of authenticity, helpful information, and culture! - Sarah Kult, Minnesota Bankrupcy Court

Minda did an amazing job interacting with our families at Literacy Night. She shared her story about becoming an author and how she persevered even when it was tough. Our bilingual families enjoyed receiving a book and meeting a local author. Thank you Minda! - Katie Norton, Literacy Specialist, Mississippi Elementary

We loved having Minda out to visit our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Rum River! Her teaching background shows; she kept the kids engaged and really covered things we work on with our students. We especially appreciated how she talked about the writing process and its bumps, as kids hit those same bumps and need to know its okay to struggle. All in all, it was a great experience for all!" - Krista Fink, Teacher, Rum River Elementary 

"Minda Gomez, author of a series of books titled Martinez Kids Adventures, visited with our fourth- grade students during the spring. She discussed how she became a writer and the inspiration for her four books. The students thoroughly enjoyed her visit and have been checking out her books from the library with a passion ever since. Students have enjoyed learning Spanish vocabulary. They cannot wait to follow the characters along on another adventure." - Starra Withers, Librarian, Kenrose Elementary

"We loved having Minda Gomez present her books at our family night. We appreciate the opportunity to have books that appeal to and enrich both our English and Spanish speaking students. Minda tells kids stories that take kids on an adventure in reading, and allows them to learn about other parts of the world." - Megan De Haan, Parent, Woodcrest Spanish Immersion


$300 for a three-hour daytime visit*

$150 for a two-hour evening/weekend visit*

$50 for a one-hour virtual visit


Personalized and signed books may be preordered at a discounted rate. 

Get $100 off the cost of your visit for every 20 books purchased by your school!

A set of books will be donated to the school library for every paid visit.

 (*For travel outside of Anoka, Hennepin, or Ramsey County, MN, a mileage fee may be added.)

Minda Gomez

Children's Author/Illustrator

Anoka County, MN