The Island Rescue

Discussion Questions

Part 2: Up the Volcano

Values: Courage, Selflessness

Chapter 8

Why did Araceli do what she did? Do you think it was a good idea?

(She hid and went into virtual reality by herself because she was feeling lonely. It was not a good idea.)

How did Rico and Diego feel about meeting Doris, the blue-footed booby bird? Do you think they should have listened to her? How can we know who we can trust?

(They weren't sure if she could be trusted. It is sometimes hard to know who we can believe and who we can't. When her idea sounded dangerous, they decided to wait until they had more information. Even though it turned out she was right, they were right to wait.)

Chapter 9

Iggy the marine iguana looked very scary. How did they know it was OK to talk to him? Did he end up being a good or a bad character? Is it right to judge people on how they look?

(While it is important to be careful around strangers, they trusted  Don Toño's work to create a safe place in virtual reality. He ended up being a kind, good character. We should not judge, but we should trust our instincts.)

Chapter 10

What would you imagine a volcano would look like? What did it really look like for them?

(It was grassy, with trees and plants growing on it. Even active volcanoes may go decades or longer between eruptions.)

How do you think the Martinez siblings felt when the land iguanas left? What do you think they should do next?

(Abandoned, scared, discouraged, frustrated, angry. Discuss what they think the next plan of action should be.)

Chapter 11

How did Diego feel about his transformation into a bird? How did Rico show loyalty this time?

(Diego was frustrated because the flightless cormorant couldn't fly. Rico stayed with his brother and helped him find a better choice, rather than taking off with the hawk.)

Chapter 12

What new food did the Martinez siblings have to taste. What would you do if you had to taste cactus? Have you ever had to eat a new food? Were you surprised by how it tasted?

(They tasted prickly pear cactus. Talk about trying new foods and your family's rules or traditions around this.)

Chapter 13

What was the problem that the group faced when they tried to go back home? How did Rico show courage? Do you think Rico should have taken the risk he did? How do you think he felt?

(There was a computer bug that froze the system, because Don Toño was not finished working on the program. Rico had to jump into a fumarole to reset the system. He was nervous, but he still made the decision to save his family and friends.)

Chapter 14

How did the three siblings work together to save Doña Rosa?

(They each remembered part of the passcode and typed it in.)

How do you think Doña Rosa felt when the kids got back?

(Relieved, emotional, grateful.)

Chapter 15

In what ways did the Martinez family and their neighbors show selflessness for each other?

(The Martinez family took care of Doña Rosa instead of preparing for the party. Rico faced his fears to jump into the fumarole to reset the system for everyone.)


Which of the animals do you think the kids were most excited to see?

Did you expect Araceli to make the wish that she did?


Read the following verse.  What does it tell us about courage? What does it mean to be courageous? How can we show courage in our lives?

9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” 

Joshua 1:9 


Read the following verse. How can we put others first instead of looking out for our own needs?

13 No one has greater love than the one who gives their life for their friends.

John 15:13

(We may not give our lives for our friends, but we can put them first, even when we would rather look out for ourselves.)