I recently read a book called "Abuelita, ¿Qué Vamos a Hacer Hoy? Let's Make Rosca de Reyes!" by Millie Flores.

This bilingual book is the story of a a 5-year-old girl who goes to spend the night with her abuelita (grandma). She and her abuelita work together to bake "rosca de reyes," the traditional sweetbread eaten by Mexicans on Three Kings Day. Through sweet, believable dialogue between Abuelita and Lupita, readers learn about the traditions associated with this day. Lupita writes a letter to the three kings, very similar to kids writing a note to Santa. Gifts are received and the rosca de reyes is eaten at a family gathering the next day. And of course, the Baby Jesus is found hidden in one slice of the bread!

This book would be a wonderful way to educate children about Mexican traditions, whether this is their family's culture or they are learning about other cultures. It is written bilingually, meaning that the story is primarily in English, but has Spanish words thoughtfully incorporated. For a bilingual family, this is perfect, as many of the words in Spanish are ones that are connected to the Mexican culture or food. An English-only family might find it helpful to have a dictionary or phone for looking up certain words, but it would be possible to follow the story even without translation, as the words are written in context. (The book is also available in Spanish only.)

The book ends with a recipe for Rosca de Reyes, and it had my mouth watering. What a wonderful book for teaching about a special Mexican tradition! 

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