I recently received a copy of the beautiful book, Feliz New Year, Ava Gabriela, by Alexandra Alessandri . Since it arrived a few days ago, my kids have asked me to read it to them multiple times, and I have found them stopping to read it on their own. It truly is a beautiful book worth reading more than once!

Ava Gabriela is a bilingual child who travels to visit her extended family in Colombia for Año Nuevo. When she arrives, she becomes shy, presumably because the conversation around her is in Spanish. As the story continues, we see Ava growing more and more comfortable interacting with her Colombian relatives as she enjoys elements of their traditions. Foods, clothing, uvas, a balloon man called Año Viejo, fireworks, and tambores are described in a way that makes me feel like I am there with them.

In a way very similar to the Martinez Kids books, Spanish words are seamlessly woven into the English text in a way that readers can grasp the meaning in context. I am kind of a Spanglish book snob... If not done carefully, Spanglish can become cumbersome. However, this book is a joy to read!

I found so many similarities to the Martinez Kids Adventures books: A Latin American family holiday celebration through the eyes of a child visiting, foods, family, and traditions. If you loved the warm celebrations described in The Arctic Quest, you should check out this book as well! 

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