The Case of the Stolen Scarab is the 4th book in the Collar Cases series by Amanda Trumpower .

This middle-grade book is full of witty humor, interesting animal characters, and a mystery that will leave you guessing until the end.

Mittens and Alex are a cat/dog team of investigative reporters. They have just returned from solving a mystery in Canada, but before they are able to write up the story, they are scooped by a rival reporter, Rosa.

An exciting new discovery has been brought over from Egypt to be displayed at the local museum. However, there are rumors of a curse that brings destruction to anyone who messes with the mummy.

When the mummy and then a jade scarab go missing, theories and rumors fly. Has the wrong animal been accused? And will Mittens be able to reconcile with Rosa Puff to find the true thief?

This book is accompanied by interesting bonus material, such as a devotional guide, illustrator notes, a glossary, and character bios. 

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