"The Cookie Caper" is the latest book in the Kids Court Whodunit series. This brilliant, educational middle-grade series was written by Caron Pescatore, a lawyer, nurse, mom, and author. 

The creative concept behind these books is that a group of neighborhood kids holds court cases to resolve problems, following legal protocol as closely as possible. There's a judge, lawyers, bailiff, and courtroom secretary... all in middle school or younger.

In this case, Carmen Diaz accuses her younger brother Robbie of stealing six cookies from a batch she prepared for a bake sale fundraiser. Robbie insists he is innocent, but he has a reputation for sneaking sweets. The kids' court takes on the case to determine whether or not Robbie is guilty.

This story is written with beautiful description that truly adds a personal touch, which complements the courtroom aspect. Each character has a very specific personality and characteristics.

I also love the way different legal jargon and procedures are explained in a kid-friendly way (which is also helpful for an adult who has no legal background like myself). For example, I found it very interesting to learn about the rules of direct- vs. cross-examination.

As the case dresses on, the story gradually introduces clues that will have you questioning whether or not Robbie is guilty. It is written in a clever way that draws the reader in to trying to figure out the solution as the story continues.

Will the court determine whether Robbie stole the cookies? Find out in "The Cookie Caper"! 

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