The Case of the Angry Avians by Amanda Trumpower is the third book in the Collar Cases middle-grade book series.

This mystery story tells the story of two private investigators, Mittens Meow and Alex Digger, who happen to be a cat and a dog. From the start, I imagined that this story would have a very simple plot, due to the main characters. However, I was surprised with the level of depth contained in this book.

The detective couple flies to Alberta, Canada, chasing a mysterious criminal named Ruffled Feathers. Arriving at the lodge in Canada, they are snowed in with a convention of birds... and don't know which of them is the criminal.

In a child-friendly version of an Agatha Christie style story, the detectives follow clues in hopes of uncovering the mysterious Ruffled Feathers.

Note: I was surprised that there were some mentions of poison and guns, but this was handled in a way to add suspense, but never actually became violent.

It is a tricky task to balance writing a story that is an exciting mystery, and still maintain a kid-friendly content level. I really enjoyed this story, and was impressed with Amanda Trumpower's ability to write a detective story about animals that kept me guessing. 

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