The Island Rescue

Discussion Questions

Part 1: To the Island

Values: Loyalty, Sportsmanship

Chapter 1

Why did Rico and Diego feel disappointed? How do you feel when you have to stop doing something you like?

(They were disappointed they had to stop using their virtual reality glasses to fly. Discuss how it can be difficult when they have to turn off a screen, leave a playground, or stop something else they like.)

Chapter 2

When Rico and Diego had to stop playing superhero to help Mami clean up and take care of Araceli, how did they feel? Did they do it anyway? What are some ways you help out at home?

(They didn't want to help, but they did what she asked of them.)

Chapter 3

When Doña Rosa was in trouble, did the kids do the right thing? What should you do when there is an emergency? Do you know how to call for help?

(Send somebody to get help. See if there is anything you can do to help out as you wait. Discuss calling 911 or emergency services.)

Chapter 4

What was the boys' plan to save Doña Rosa? Do you think they were right to not call the fire department and ambulance? Are there times that safety is more important?

(Your family may have your own thoughts on this. In the book, it was at Doña Rosa's insisting that they wait to protect Don Toño's work. This decision was made by the adults, not the kids. If she had been in grave danger, they would have had to call for help right away.)

Chapter 5

How did Pepito the penguin treat Rico? Why did they treat him this way? Is it ever OK to bully someone?

(The penguins were very rude to Rico because he was a small lava lizard. It is never OK to bully someone, especially someone who is smaller or weaker.)

What was Diego's dilemma? Did he make the right choice?

(He was tempted to go along with the penguins and leave his brother behind. He was kind of halfhearted in defending his brother at this point. He should have stood up for him.)

As the younger brother, do you think that Diego knows what it feels like to be left out? Why are the tables turned this time?

(Usually, the younger brother gets left behind. In this case, he was the bigger animal, a penguin, so Rico was left behind this time.)

Chapter 6

Why did Rico and Diego have a hard time understanding the penguins speak? What can you do when you hear new words that you don't understand, especially in a different language? Have you ever learned a new word from someone who speaks a different language?

(They are familiar with Mexican Spanish, but the Galápagos Islands are a part of Ecuador, so the slang words were different. They asked questions respectfully, made connections to their own language, and practiced using the words in context.)

Why was Rico so anxious to compete in the push-up competition? Do you think he should have competed? Were the penguins treating him nicely?

(He wanted to be accepted by the penguins. It was not the best idea to compete, and the penguins were not treating him kindly.)

Chapter 7

Why was Rico upset to lose to Luna? 

(Usually male lizards compete for territory, so he felt like losing to a girl looked bad.)

How did Rico show good sportsmanship?

(After Luna won the push-up competition, he congratulated her and shook tails.)

How did Diego show loyalty to Rico in the end of the chapter?

(He left the unkind penguins behind to support his brother.)


Read the following verse.  What does it tell us about loyalty? Who is the most loyal friend?

A person with unfaithful friends soon comes to ruin.

    But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. 

Proverbs 18:24 

(It is important to have loyal friends, and support them as well.)


Read the following verse.  How can we apply this to sports and competitions in our own lives?

11 So encourage one another with the hope you have. Build each other up. In fact, that’s what you are doing. 

1 Thessalonians 5:11

(We should encourage one another, even our competitors. Whether we win or lose, we should have a good attitude and use kind words.)