I am excited to share about the 4th Spanish reader by Melissa García, Leo con la t!

My family and I have been big fans of the Serie Yo Leo since the first book, Leo con la M, came out last fall. Each book teaches a new consonant along with the Spanish vowels, building on the previous book. Because of this, it may be helpful to read the books in order, especially if your child is just learning to read.

Because there are now four consonants being covered, M, P, L, and T, it is amazing how many words can be formed and how meaningful the sentences can be! I love the way it begins with a beautifully vibrant color picture to go with each letter (the vowels and consonants), only showing the letter and allowing the child to "read" the word by looking at the picture.

It then goes on to show each consonant/vowel syllable paired with the focus letter, in this case, the T. There is a picture for ta, te, ti, to, and tu.

It goes on to show words, then sentences using these letters. It is so beautifully planned-out and sequential in a way that it allows kids to grow in their reading skills as they move through the book.

Another thing that I ADORE about this book is the gorgeous photos that Melissa García, the author, selected. They are bright, close-up, and very clearly show what they are illustrating. They also represent a diverse population, with adults and children of a variety of races and cultural settings depicted.

My 3-year-old daughter LOVES to read these books and often chooses them from her bookshelf. While she can't read the books on her own yet, she likes to "read" them with my help, and I know that with time, she will begin to connect the letters and words with the pictures.

These books are available on Amazon. If you are raising Spanish-speaking kids, these books are perfect! (They could also be helpful to learn some Spanish along with your kids.)

Thank you, Melissa, for another incredible book! 

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