I am thrilled to share a beautiful new book by my friend Yecenia Mariscal Tinajero that comes out this Saturday, April 6!

Where do the foods we eat come from? It is easy to forget that for every fruit or vegetable we buy at the grocery store, somebody had to work to bring it to our tables. Fields of Determination tells the story of Yecenia, a young agriculture worker in the Central Valley of California. As seasons pass, she works alongside her family in the fields, picking grapes, oranges, and olives. While she works, she dreams of her goals for the future.

This beautifully illustrated memoir delicately describes the ups and downs of agriculture life. It doesn't gloss over the hard work and challenging moments, but it also puts a face to the humanity and love shared by the family. Readers will be inspired by Yecenia's drive and determination to pursue her education for a better future. Yet, the author's respect and admiration for agriculture workers is clear, and the book in no way diminishes their importance. Fields of Determination will educate children and adults alike about the agriculture community, as well as inspire readers to pursue their own dreams. 

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