I recently read a wonderful middle-grade chapter book by Caron Pescatore!

The Music Box Mayhem is the next in the Kids' Court Whodunit series by Caron Pescatore. Like the previous books, this court mystery did not disappoint!

A group of neighborhood children has formed a court that solves disputes. The different members of the court have assigned jobs as the judge, bailiff, court reporter, prosecuting and defense lawyer, and private detectives. Each of these people has gotten better at their job with each case they have worked together to solve.

In this story, a new group of siblings, Maya and Ruby, come into the picture. Ruby is convinced that her sister's best friend Christy has stolen their mother's family heirloom, an Ethiopian music box that has been in the family for centuries. Christy insists she is innocent, and they decide to take their argument to kids' court.

I enjoyed the way this mystery was presented, with each day introducing new witnesses to the stand and new twists to the story. It was a clever story that had me guessing as more clues were presented.

Each Kids' Court Whodunit mystery presents a diverse cast of characters from many different ethnic backgrounds and ages, personalities and quirks, who interact in very relatable ways. As a bonus, readers will learn more about the courtroom process as they read. Did Christy steal the music box? Readers will love the ride as they follow the investigation with the kids of the court! 

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