Check out this beautiful bilingual picture book by Yecenia E. Mariscal Tinajero !

Visiting my Great-Grandparents is the story of two brothers who travel from the US to Mexico to visit their bisabuelos' ranch in Zacatecas. Upon arriving, the story is told through the eyes of young boys experiencing life on the ranch for the first time. Visiting the town square. Eating warm handmade tortillas and beans for lunch. Meeting a scorpion as they walk down the road. Swimming in the river. Riding a horse. Meeting the animals. Each page tells a story that transmits the amount of love the family has for each other and the beauty of this time they are spending together.

As a mother of children with family in Mexico, I found this book to be very relatable. Cross-cultural relationships can be difficult, but there is also so much warmth and love that transcends the distance. When the family does get together, it is all the more special. This book is a treasure for any family who loves Mexico or who wants to give their children a glimpse of ranch life.

I loved that this book was written bilingually, so that it can be read in English or in Spanish. What a great option for families like mine who speak both languages, or those who just speak one. 

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