I wanted to share with you about a GORGEOUS bilingual book written by Natalia Simons.

The Adventures of Olivia and Tito is a beautifully illustrated, fully bilingual picture book. Written in a magical, dream-like style, this book follows Olivia and her pet toucan Tito on a whirlwind tour of South America.

Olivia and Tita wake up from a nap in an unfamiliar place. As she travels around, she spots Christ the Redeemer, gets caught in the middle of a Carnaval parade, and visits Iguazu Falls. While she isn't sure where her own home is, she knows that Brazil is not home. A friendly passerby recommends she visit Buenos Aires to see if that's her home.

Our story leads Olivia to the Pampas in Argentina, the salt flats in Bolivia, and the Andes in Peru, before leading her home to Colombia. In each location, Olivia learns about the variety of fascinating locations, even within the same country. The gorgeous, brilliant illustrations perfectly complement that playful story.

The story is written in both English and Spanish, and is skillfully written in both languages. This book is a great fit for a bilingual family, or for anyone interested in learning more about South America! 

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