The best way to teach two alphabets to my bilingual toddlers has been one of the big questions I have had to try to answer over the years.

It is not as easy to translate an alphabet book as it is to translate a story. Some books work to find words that fit with the letter in both languages, which leads to awkward words like "hotel" and "walkie-talkie." In addition, the letter Ñ is generally skipped because it doesn't appear in English.

Other books make the decision to choose good words that correspond to one language, and add the translation in the other language. A few years ago, I went on the hunt to find an ABC book that prioritized Spanish words.

Little Concepts: ABC Spanish is my favorite alphabet book I have found in Spanish. I love the bold, playful illustrations. In addition, each letter corresponds to an animal or a food that is very relevant to toddlers. (There is the random xylophone, but I will forgive them as X is tricky in both languages.)

This book would be great for a bilingual family, but it would be great for learning Spanish as well. The end of the book has pronunciations for the Spanish sounds and words.

My children and I have enjoyed reading this book together, and it is my recommendation for people who are looking for bilingual ABC books. 

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