Book 3: 

The Island Rescue

"Doña Rosa needs our help." Rico straightened his feathered body and looked at them with round golden eyes. "I can do this." Eyeing the smoking hole in the ground, he jumped in.

Rico, Diego, and Araceli Martinez had hoped to enjoy their spring break exploring virtual reality. However, the fun abruptly ends when their friend Don Toño takes his high-tech invention offline to work on a new adventure.

Don Toño is out of town when a friend gets trapped in the mysterious shed. Realizing they are the only ones who can help, the kids bravely venture into virtual reality. But entering an unfinished adventure is a risky move…

After transporting to the tropical Galápagos Islands, the kids discover that they’ve become animals, able to communicate with the local wildlife. Penguins, lava lizards, birds, and iguanas join them in searching for the one person - or animal - who can save their lost friend. If only they could fly over the island!

At the top of the volcano, a colony of giant tortoises awaits them. Will the mysterious Don Tortuga be able to help them save their beloved neighbor? Or will a technology glitch halt the mission in its tracks?

Readers young and old will be intrigued by this page-turning journey and its colorful illustrations, and won't even realize they are learning Spanish at the same time!

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