I was so excited to be able to read an advance copy of a brand new bilingual chapter book by Erika Ferrari Lopez !

Amazing Grace is an exciting new chapter book by Erika Ferrari Lopez that will capture children's imaginations. As the story begins, 3rd grader Grace discovers that she is able to fly! After sharing her secret with her mami, she discovers that this is a family gift passed down through generations of women in her family. It is a gift that must be carefully protected with the help of the guardians, the men in the family. Only her best friend Adrian is allowed to know her secret. However, when a teacher from school spots her flying, will her secret be revealed? What kind of secret is Mia, the new girl, hiding? When a friend's life is in danger, will Grace make the right choice? These questions will have kids intrigued and turning pages as they follow Grace's adventures.

I loved that the story was written with a bilingual aspect. Grace has Guatemalan and Argentinian roots, and lives in the US. This story is written in English with Spanish words incorporated. Each new Spanish word that is introduced has a short definition in the margin, and a glossary at the end includes pronunciations. I also enjoyed bits of culture that were incorporated into the story. Grace drinks yerba mate and eats empanadas, and her gift's origins are connected to an ancestor in Guatemala. This is done in a very natural way that is totally relatable.

Another aspect that I really appreciated is that Grace was honest with her parents and shared her secret with them, and that they were supportive of her. I feel like this was a refreshing contrast to so many stories these days that have kids keeping big secrets from their parents.

Grace, Adrian, and her new friend Mia are likeable characters that kids will be able to identify with. The magical realism was expertly crafted. I can't wait to read the book with my kids, and I am already looking forward to reading any new books in the series! 

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