The Arctic Quest

Discussion Questions

Part 2: The Journey North

Values: Perseverance, Encouragement

Chapter 8

Mami calls Diego a peacemaker in this chapter. What did Diego do? How can you be a peacemaker?)

(When Diego and Rico were fighting over the owl, he offered to let his brother have the owl.)

Chapter 9

How did Diego and Rico feel about having to help with Araceli? Are you ever asked to help with something you don't want to do?

(They didn't want to take care of her.)

Was it a good thing that Rico left Diego with Araceli? What should he have done?

(No, he abandoned his brother when they had both promised to take care of her. They should have stayed together or figured out a plan.)

What did Diego do with Araceli? What could happen to her?What should he have done? 

(He left her alone so he could explore on his own. She could get hurt or lost, or might feel very scared. He should have taken care of his sister. )

Have you ever had a responsibility that you chose not to honor? What happened?

(Discuss the importance of following through on our commitments.)

Chapter 10

Do you like to make new friends? What are some of the things that friends do?

(They speak kindly, include each other, make each other laugh, help each other when they have a problem.)

Both Nanook and Diego had something in common. What were they both supposed to be doing? How did they feel?

(They both were supposed to be taking care of their sisters, but they left them behind. They felt worried about them when they remembered.)

Chapter 11

How did Rico feel when it was hard to learn to fly? 

(Rico felt very discouraged because he wasn't able to fly.)

How did Ookpik support Rico?

(He encouraged him to keep trying and gave him pointers so he could be successful.) 

Do you know someone older than you who sometimes does things better than you? What about someone younger? How is encouragement important?

(Talk about the importance of encouraging others.)

Chapter 12

What would have happened if Rico had given up?

(He never would have had the experience of flying.) 

Have you ever had a hard time learning a new skill? How did you do it?

(Discuss the child's experience learning something new and how at times it takes perseverance.)

Chapter 13

How did Rico and Diego cooperate to find Araceli? 

(Rico used his super vision and Diego used his super sense of smell to track her down. They each had skills the other didn't have that allowed them to work together to find her.)

Chapter 14

Even though they made a mistake, the boys took responsibility for their actions. Why was this important

(They were honest and didn't blame each other. They showed they were sorry and that they intend to do things better in the future.)

Read the following verse.  Perseverance means the strength to go on. What does this tell us about perseverance?

3 We know that our suffering gives us the strength to go on. 4 The strength to go on produces character. Character produces hope.  

Romans 5:3b-4 NIRV

(When something is very hard and we work at it, we become stronger, better people.)

Read the following verse. What can this tell us about encouraging others?

11 So encourage one another with the hope you have. Build each other up. In fact, that’s what you are doing. 

1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIRV

(It is important to encourage each other and build each other up.)