The Arctic Quest

Discussion Questions

Part 1: The Journey South

Values: Cooperation, Responsibility

Chapter 1

What was Diego dreaming about at the beginning of the story? Have you ever had a dream you were sad to wake up from? 

(He was remembering his adventures in Don Toño's adventure. Talk about dreams the child has had.)

Chapter 2

How did Diego and Rico feel about having to help with Araceli? Are you ever asked to help with something you don't want to do?

(They didn't want to take care of her.)

Chapter 3

Have you ever had to wait for something? How did you feel? What helped you to be patient?

(Discuss patience and strategies to be patient when it is difficult.)

Chapter 4

What did the lemmings learn from building the snowman together

(If we work together, we can do bigger things than we are able to do on our own.)

Chapter 5

Why didn't Rico and Diego get to choose animals? What do you think would have been a better way to do things?

(They were fighting over the owl, so neither one got to be an animal. It would have been better to come to an agreement.)

Chapter 6

How do the Martinez kids feel about spending the week with their grandparents? Are there any special foods that remind you of your family?

(At first they weren't sure, but they ended up enjoying the delicious foods and special moments.)

Chapter 7

What are some special traditions that our family shares?

(Talk about holidays or special traditions.)

Read the following verse.  What does it tell us about working together?

9 Two people are better than one.

    They can help each other in everything they do.

10 Suppose either of them falls down.

    Then the one can help the other one up.

But suppose a person falls down and doesn’t have anyone to help them up.

    Then feel sorry for that person! 

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NIRV

(We are better when we work together with other people and support each other.)