The Secret Door

Discussion Questions

The Treetop Adventure

Value: Contentment

  1. Why do you think that Rico, Diego, and Araceli were complaining so much at the beginning of the story? Have you ever felt this way?

(They were unhappy with breakfast, clean-up, and their back yard.)

  1. What did their experience as squirrels teach them?

(It is important to be grateful for the things we have, instead of always whining and complaining about it. There are always things to be thankful for.)

  1. Was Coco a good friend? How do you know?

(Yes. She was kind and encouraging. She helped them to learn how to be content.)

  1. Why was it important that the kids' parents went into the door with them at the beginning?

(Their parents checked it out before letting the kids go into the door. Our parents always need to know where we are. They need to give us permission to do things with other people and help us know who to trust. This is very important so that we can stay safe.)

  1. Read the following verse. What does it mean to be content?

I know what it’s like not to have what I need. I also know what it’s like to have more than I need. I have learned the secret of being content no matter what happens. I am content whether I am well fed or hungry. I am content whether I have more than enough or not enough.

Philippians 4:12 NIRV

(When we are content we are happy with the things we have, and are not always wanting things we do not have.)