I want to share with you about a very creative and unique chapter book that I was able to read. Author Caron Pescatore shared the first book in her "Kids' Court Whodunit" Series with me. It was an enjoyable, quick read that I sat down and read in one sitting.

In this book, a diverse group of neighborhood kids creates their own courtroom to solve a mystery: Who broke the head off of a prized doll? Jenny is convinced that her twin brother Jimmy broke her doll, and he insists he is innocent.

The 11-year-old main character, Luanna, knows a lot about the court system because her parents are lawyers. So, she recruits her neighborhood friends to be lawyers, investigators, bailiff, and judge. Will they solve the mystery of the destroyed doll?

I really thought this was a creative take

on the mystery chapter book genre. Caron's legal background is very apparent, yet she explains the procedures of the courtroom in kid-friendly language. Even as an adult, there was plenty for me to learn! I liked the mixture of story and educational elements.

Thank you, Caron, for sharing your new book with me! I look forward to reading your other books in the series as well! 

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