Check out this review of "Return to Bethlehem" by Lesley Barklay :

"Road to Bethlehem" is a tender, human story that tells the story of two modern-day children who go back to the time of Jesus' birth. Whether through a dream or a miracle, Hannah and Joshua are surprised to wake up in the home of Mary and Joseph before they begin their journey to Bethlehem for the census. The pair kindly agrees to allow the children to accompany them.

The group walks for days, stopping to swim in the river and engage in Sabbath worship. At one point, they are delayed because they stop to assist a Samaritan who was attacked along the side of the road. (I thought this was an especially clever touch, as this story would be told as a parable by Jesus when he was grown.)

The story ends with the birth of Jesus, of course. However, the story shows a different story from the polished Nativity scenes we are accostumed to seeing. I truly enjoyed the way Mary and Joseph's humanity and kindness come through in dealing with the children. The additions to the story that filling in the blanks of what may have happened to make Mary and Joseph late to Bethlehem, and the reason they were not able to get a room at the inn. It is all so tenderly-written and truly makes the reader feel they are there.

I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading the others in the series. 

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