I wanted to share with you about a book that I really enjoy. It is called "When Christmas Feels Like Home," by Gretchen Griffith. This book is in English with Spanish words worked into the story. (I have much more of an appreciation for this since writing "The Secret Door.")

Eduardo just moved to the US from a village in Latin America (possibly Panama, as they mention a canal, but they purposely keep it vague).

When he first arrives, Eduardo had a hard time adjusting to his new community and school. In longing for his home, he asks if they can open the special box containing the Nativity scene he carved with his abuelo. His family tells him he will have to wait.

Seasons pass and Eduardo gradually adapts and makes friends. When it is finally time to open the Christmas box, Eduardo realizes that he has adapted to his new home.

This is one of those children's books that makes me tear up as I read the ending. It so tenderly captures the ups and downs that many of my own students deal with when they move to a new country.

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